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Compagnie Générale Transatlantique

West End town, a dead end world...

A sweet candy-corn soul...
o hai

I'm Kali. This journal is mostly friends-only. If I have added you, it's because I know you from somewhere either online or IRL. If you knew LJ user AprilDecember, you know me (I'm not using that journal right now). :) If you've stumbled upon me because you know me, or you're visiting on recommendation of a mutual friend, comment or email me to be added. :D Thanks!


A sea of water.
A sea of grass.
A sea of stars.

A wilderness of ocean.
A wilderness of land.
A wilderness of sky.
Remember these. These were. These are. These will be your destiny.

~ Ray Bradbury, "The American Journey," 1964.
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